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Medical IV Therapy ConsultationDoctor Patient Consultation

The Medical staff likes to do a thorough consultation including lab work and blood tests to design a custom IV Therapy regimen. From Glutathione or Chelation for cholesterol to B-12 for Auto Immune conditions. Our team will discuss the best treatments for your health goals.

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Innovate Health is very pleased to advise its patients that we have contracted with the Prescott Medical Group for Prescott’s licensed medical providers to provide medical services twice a week out of our Innovate Health facility at 4821 Merlot Avenue Suite 240, Grapevine, Texas 7605. The medical services made available through Prescott will be by appointment only. You can arrange your appointment by calling our offices (817) 329-3552 or you can schedule an appointment with Prescott while in our clinic for chiropractic services.

All medical services to be made available by Prescott will be wellness oriented and have been designed by Prescott to supplement the chiropractic services you receive through our facility. All medical services will be provided by licensed medical providers employed by Prescott. The medical services to be made available are as follows: