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Stem Cell Therapy, Injections, and More: Knee Pain Treatment Options

Written By Innovate Health on April 1, 2019

When it comes to treating your knee pain, your care provider shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you should be encouraged to try various treatments to encourage healing and reduce pain.

This is exactly what you’ll get at Innovate Health. In addition to chiropractic care, you’ll receive stem cell therapy, PRP injections, and more.

Why are options so important?

Stem Cell Therapy and More – What You Can Expect from Innovate Health

The team at Innovate Health provides you with less invasive treatment options. Here’s how these treatments work and why they’re so effective.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell treatment utilizes the body’s natural healing ability. These cells are anti-inflammatory, so they help reduce pain. In the process, they assist the growth of healthy tissue, which can then repair whatever damage you’ve experienced.

Studies have shown that this type of therapy is effective in:

  • Slowing and repairing damage caused by arthritis
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for knee replacement.

PRP Injections

PRP injections are injections of your own “platelet-rich plasma.” A higher level of platelets in a damaged area of the body – like the knee – promotes healing, particularly of musculoskeletal issues. 

Hyaluronic Acid Knee Injections

People with arthritis need extra lubrication to reduce pain. Hyaluronic acid is a natural lubricant produced by the body that also helps with the healing/repair process.

Unfortunately, with age hyaluronic levels decrease, but you can get knee injections from your chiropractor to reduce pain associated with arthritis or injury.

A Multi-Tiered Approach Promotes Knee Health and Reduces Pain Faster

If you’re dealing with knee pain and have been told you need surgery, talk to your chiropractor first. Chiropractic treatment can reduce the need for invasive treatment plans.

If you have knee pain, incorporating various treatments – including chiropractic care and knee injections – can reduce your pain significantly. And you can experience those results rather quickly.

Have you been suffering from knee pain for a while? Are you ready to get out of pain fast? Contact us today at (817) 329-3552 to schedule an appointment.  

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