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Why See a Nurse Practitioner Instead of a Doctor?

Written By Innovate Health on January 11, 2021

rsz consultationWhen you schedule a healthcare appointment, should you see an MD or a nurse practitioner (NP)?

Today, we’ll look at the differences between a doctor and nurse practitioner—and why an NP might actually be the best choice for your needs. 

What Is a Nurse Practitioner? 

An NP is a registered nurse that has received specialized, advanced training. After receiving their degree and licensure in nursing, they go on to complete a master’s or doctorate in healthcare.

A nurse practitioner can do many of the things as a medical doctor, including: 

  • Order diagnostic tests (lab work, x-rays)
  • Diagnose conditions
  • Treat acute conditions
  • Manage a patient’s care
  • Serve as a patient’s primary care provider
  • Write prescriptions

Additionally, an NP can become board-certified in various specialties, like family practice (FNP—family nurse practitioner) and women’s health. 

In some states—like California—aN NP is legally required to work under the supervision of a general physician to prescribe medications. 

One of the major differences between a doctor and a nurse practitioner is that aN NP cannot perform surgical procedures. Another difference is the length of medical training each receive (a doctor has a more extensive education).  

The Benefits of Choosing an NP

A major benefit of seeing a nurse practitioner is that you’ll be able to see your practitioner faster. Doctors often have long waiting lists, which means it can be a while before you’re able to have someone address your health concerns. 

Because a nurse practitioner can perform the same tests and create a diagnosis and treatment plan as a doctor would, you can have confidence in their expertise.

NPs are an excellent resource for: 

  • Addressing your primary care needs
  • Helping to treat illnesses like the flu and bronchitis
  • Creating a holistic healthcare treatment plan

Providing Exceptional Holistic Care for You and Your Family 

Dr. Payne takes a holistic approach to healthcare. A whole-body approach means that your provider recognizes the impact of a certain condition or treatment on the entire body, not just one organ or system. Additionally, holistic care focuses on finding the root cause of a problem and treating that—not just the symptoms. 

With a holistic healthcare plan, you’ll notice increased energy, improved immune response, and an overall improvement to your health. 

Are you ready to achieve optimal health and wellness? Contact our team today at 817-329-3552 to schedule an appointment with our wellness team.

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