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Top 5 Myths About Your Chiropractor and the Care They Provide

Written By Innovate Health on October 9, 2019

woman receiving chiropractic care Myths abound around chiropractic care. 

It’s important, though, to sift through those myths to uncover the reality.

Today, you’re going to look at five myths surrounding chiropractors and the care they offer so that you can make an informed decision. 

5 Myths About Your Chiropractor and Their Methods of Treatment

Here are just a handful of myths about chiropractors. 

1. Chiropractic Adjustments Are Painful  

Crunch. Pop. Even the words sound painful. 

Rest assured, adjustments aren’t painful. New technology and techniques have arrived, allowing doctors to provide you with a comfortable adjustment

2. Chiropractors Aren’t Real Doctors

Chiropractors are qualified to do their job. They go to undergraduate school for four years. Then, they go through another four to five years of school to receive their doctorate. After that, they must pass a State and National boards in order to become licensed practitioners. 

3. Chiropractic Adjustments Are Dangerous

Someone messing around with your neck – it just sounds dangerous. 

Fortunately, it’s not. Many physicians recommend seeing a chiropractor before deciding to undergo invasive surgical procedures or taking addictive pain killers. 

4. Adjustments Are Only for Adults

With so many children constantly looking down at tablets and phones to play games or do schoolwork, not to mention the heavy backpacks they wear, kids end up with back pain, too. Gentle adjustments can help protect their spine.

5. Chiropractic Care Is Expensive

Adjustments are more affordable than other back treatments, like constant doctor’s visits and surgery. 

Curious About How a Chiropractor Can Help You?

The great thing about this form of healthcare is that it’s completely customizable. The issues you have will determine the treatment you get. 

Dr. R. Brett Payne uses a variety of up-to-date treatments and techniques to provide you with relief, including physical therapy, massage therapy, and more. 

Curious about how your doctor can help you? Contact us to find out more!

Call us today at 817-329-3552 to schedule an appointment to get your individualized treatment plan. We’ll find a solution to get you out of pain. 

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