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Reach Healthy Cholesterol Levels the Easy Way with IV Therapy

Written By Innovate Health on May 12, 2021

Lower cholesterol with IV therapyLowering cholesterol on your own can be hard. Sticking with dietary changes, getting exercise every day and such--while great--offer gradual changes when you could use something faster to avoid a heart attack. 

The fast and easy way to reach healthy cholesterol levels is with glutathione IV therapy at Innovate Health in the Fort Worth area.

The Studies on IV Therapy and Cholesterol

Preliminary research shows that receiving an HDL cholesterol IV infusion can help your body rapidly remove bad LDL cholesterol from arteries. Researchers measured cholesterol removal from cells peaked at 164% over two following the therapy.

There are two types of IV therapies shown to help with cholesterol: chelation (key-lay-shun) and glutathione (glue-tah-thigh-own). Chelation IV therapy utilizes the amino acid EDTA to bind to plaque to safely remove it from your arteries.  Said therapy has been shown to help with hypertension, heart disease, memory decline, autism, diabetic complications, and many others.

Glutathione IV therapy utilizes the antioxidant glutathione and its ability to restore blood vessel flexibility and lower LDL cholesterol. Your body naturally produces glutathione; however, levels naturally drop with age, making you prone to a host of health issues, including bad cholesterol levels. Restoring optimal glutathione levels is an excellent way to protect your heart, and glutathione via IV is faster than popping pills or powder.

Get IV Therapy at Innovate Health

After a consultation with our doctor and lab work, we’ll see which of our two therapies is right for you. Glutathione IV therapy is for acute cholesterol issues. Chelation therapy for chronic cholesterol problems that can be from plaque and calcium and hardening of arteries. If there is another kind of healthcare option that better suits your needs, we’ll discuss your options and move forward from there.

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