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Computer Ergonomics: The 5-Point Posture Checklist to Reduce Pain at Work 

Written By Innovate Health on November 8, 2019

Man with neck pain at his computer Do you experience back and/or neck pain after working at your computer?

Such pain can make it difficult to concentrate, which in turn, affects your productivity. 

Thankfully, there’s a five-point checklist that ensures you’re practicing proper sitting posture and good computer ergonomics. 

5-Point Checklist: Computer Ergonomics, Proper Sitting Posture, and More  

Go through this checklist each day and you’ll start to notice an improvement in your pain, productivity, and energy levels

1. Are Your Shoulders Aligned? 

Proper sitting posture is key. Your shoulders should be straight, not hunched, and in alignment with your hips. 

2. Is Your Computer Screen at the Proper Height?

Most people constantly crane their neck or hunching their shoulders to look at their screen. Instead, get a computer/laptop stand to keep your computer screen at eye-level

3. Are You Sitting Properly in Your Chair?

Your back should always be fully supported. Don’t perch on the edge of your seat. Talk your boss into investing in an adjustable, ergonomic chair. 

4. Are Your Arms Supported?

When your arms aren’t supported or are positioned at a weird angle, it puts pressure on your neck and shoulders. Your arms should be at a 90-degree angle while working at your computer desk.

5. Are Your Feet Flat on the Floor?

Like your arms, your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet should be flat on the floor. You may need a footrest under your desk to keep your legs and hips in proper alignment. 

Still Experiencing Back Pain? We Can Help 

Have you tried the tips above and still experience pain? You could be experiencing another issue altogether.

Thankfully, Dr. R. Brett Payne can help. Using diagnostic testing, Dr. Payne can find out if you’re experiencing a side-effect from a food allergy or toxin, or simply need some help with stress-reduction techniques

Dr. Payne will get to the bottom of the situation and help you get relief from your pain. 

Sick and tired of feeling neck strain and pain? Contact us today at 817-329-3552 to schedule an evaluation

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